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Construction Safety has a dedicated team of Safety Advisers who spend most of their time on site inspections throughout the South East. All our management and staff spend time working on site inspections. Site inspections cover all types of building, construction, maintenance and civil engineering sites, as well as workshops, joinery shops, plant yards, offices and factory premises. Occasionally sites need to be inspected outside our normal geographical area and these can be covered through reciprocal arrangements we have with other health and safety specialists.

Our site monitoring procedures are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients and particular sites. Some examples of these are –

Sites notifiable to the HSE
These would usually be visited on a regular basis, due to the larger more complex nature of notifiable projects, as  agreed with clients, primarily weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Non notifiable Sites
These tend primarily to have one-off visits at the start of a contract and at various stages until the contract is completed.

Small Contracts
These are arranged on an individual basis with the manager involved and will perhaps be visited on a quarterly basis or some other mutually agreed duration.




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